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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Fashionsky is the platform where we allow all users to publish guest posts related to fashion, beauty and jewellery. We are constantly looking for a new contributor who can write for us about the fashion, beauty & jewellery industry.

So, if you are deciding to provide something meaningful to our readers then we are here to listen about it. Just draft your ideas along with a fresh approach and we are ready to accept your ideas along with certain guidelines which are as follows.

Content & Media Guidelines

Users need to submit a well-researched, engaging & SEO optimized article along with 1000 words. Therefore, make sure that your article fulfils our requirements.

Make sure that your article should be 100 % unique and plagiarism free. Do not forget to add a minimum of 1 image and add a credit note if you used someone’s image.


Make sure that the guest post you have submitted is related to our blog which ensures that it will be live on our platform. So, be clear about it that you need to submit the article related to the categories we mentioned in our guidelines.


We allow the following categories to our users to submit the articles

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Jewellery
  • Lifestyle
  • Health

It would be great for us if you submit your guest post related to these categories. Apart from this, if you send any content which is not related to our blog then we would completely deny it.

Selling stuff

Users can’t use our guest posting feature to promote or advertise any products or commercial sites as it comes under the advertising section. If you really want a sponsored post then contact us directly by writing a subject title “Sponsored and Advertisement”.

Writing aspect for readers

Write an article in your own words so it will help you to convey to our readers which makes it an engaging one. This will help our audience to understand it easily. Embellish your article by adding heading, subheadings and bullet points as it enhances the user experience.

Do not add affiliate links

We do not accept affiliate links in guest posts as it harms our online reputation. Still, if you want to promote your affiliate link, please contact us by subject name “ advertising”.


Never submit an article that is copy-pasted from other sources. We would never accept such articles. If we find any content or submission that violates our policy then we will instantly remove it.

Steps to submit the guest post

Users can submit their articles in Microsoft Document or Google DOC. You can also send ideas before writing or submitting content.

Contact us at [email protected]


    • Subject: Guest Posting or Advertising
    • Topic Ideas
    • The website you wish to link

We will surely get back to you if you follow our guidelines.